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Reiki Testimonials

**…a very pleasant experience – it seems to take your worries and aches and pains away for a while.–Christa Janson

**I asked for Reiki for pain in my right hand on the inner and outer parts.  I also asked for some weight issues to be addressed but am not sure if this is possible.During the session I was just in a meditation just like I would be for a communication, using yours.  I had no idea what to expect, if anything, so I just laid there and relaxed.  About 12 minutes into it, my right hand began feeling very warm from the palm and going outward.  WOW!!!!!!!     It went above my wrist, about half way up to my elbow.  I felt a few tingles here and there. I had a fan on and was a little cold.  My other hand was blocked from the fan by a blanket, but was very cold, My right hand was not blocked and was warm….   again…WOW!!!Then I fell asleep.45 minutes later, it is cool to the touch but feels so warm and cozy inside.  This was awesome and I thank you for giving me the chance to experience it.–JC

**Although I was somewhat sceptical before my first long-distance Reiki session, I am now fascinated by this alternative form of healing.  I still cannot believe the incredible feelings during my Reiki session and the feeling of complete calm afterwards.  My initial intent was a Reiki session for Maya (one of my fur kids) to help her with her gingivitis.  But I also wanted to know how Reiki worked and how it could help, and so I decided the only way to find out would be to experience it myself.  And what an experience!  I encourage anyone who feels their energy has become unbalanced and wants to restore order to their body, who is seeking a means of reducing stress, or just a form of relaxation, to try Reiki.  Human or animal  …  beneficial to all.–DeeJay

**I wanted to get back with you, because today I can tell that Snookie is growing some new hair!!! I thought that was what I was seeing yesterday, but wasn’t sure. Today it is much more obvious .Also, the hair loss on the other parts of her body have ceased. THANK YOU SO MUCH!—Bets & Snookie

**I just wanted to thank you for the reiki you sent to Puppa. I didn’t get back to you right away because I wanted to watch for a while to see if there was any difference. He was sleeping so soundly when I received your email, and did so for quite a while later. Then he woke up, went out side and had a really good poop! That’s a good thing. He ate really well that night, and pooped again – which is even better since I hope for at least once a day! He was also full of energy. He had to go and pee quite a bit that evening, and the next day he was ready to eat without much prompting at all! He still didn’t go for the dog food, wanted kielbasa instead, but the fact that I didn’t have to work for hours at getting to eat was incredible. He did throw up later that day, but it was actually undigested food rather than the bile that I am used to seeing – so this too was a good thing. And (now don’t get grossed out), he proceeded to eat it right back down and kept it there. And to top it all off – it’s all maintaining! It hasn’t taken me very long at all since then to get him to eat, and his bowel movements have been wonderful!! (funny what we get excited about when we have been dealing with a sick puppy, isn’t it!).Anyways – I wanted to thank you so much!–Debbie & Puppa

**Thank you so much for this helpful session. It was just what I needed at this time, a subtle jump-start that now (half an hour later) feels like it accomplished much more than I realized when it was going on. Very much appreciation to you for your time, and to the Reiki energy! I wish you well as you continue this work — it can help so many people. –M.P.

**I’m very glad I found Mary. My cat,  Thomas, had not been feeling well for a  couple of weeks but ever since the Reiki  experience he’s been acting much perkier  and more playful. I would definitely  recommend this to anyone!! –SH