Training your dog and solving behavior issues!

If you’ve found your way to my website, chances are you’re here looking for information on training or solving behavior problems in your dog.  Well, I would love to be able to help you and your dog with whatever issues you are currently facing, as well as help you teach your dog manners, obedience behaviors, and how to be an all-around great companion!

In addition to training and behavior services, I also offer reiki, which is a holistic/alternative energy therapy that works as a great adjunct to day to day care and training. I can even teach YOU how to do reiki on your dog, your other animals, yourself, anyone!  For more information on reiki services, see the Reiki link on the above menu.

This site is currently being massively updated! I recently made a switch and I am in the process of updating and moving all my material.  Also, due to some recent, wonderful life changes (I got married and I’m expecting a baby in December) I’ve decided to hold off on taking new clients until mid-2014.  That doesn’t mean I can’t help you and your pup now, however – you’ll find lots of information coming soon to this site, and I should start offering distance reiki and behavior consults via phone/email starting early 2014.  So please stick with me as things grow and change for the better.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, anything at all – please feel free to contact me via my personal email at


Mary Alverson (formerly Harwelik)